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Dementia Action Alliance

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We are pleased to announce that Community Together CIC has become a member of the Tamworth Dementia Action Alliance and as a member we are fully committed to an organisational action plan which includes –

  • Supporting Tamworth Boroughs Dementia Friendly Communities Plan
  • Creating a Dementia Friendly Environment at our Community Hub
  • Ensuring participation from Service Users Living with Dementia throughout all our activities and ensure all volunteers become Dementia Friends.

Last year the DAA nationally grew by 400% and we want the momentum to continue.  We are proud to be members of the DAA so that we can encourage more organisations to sign up.

We have also recently completed Dementia Friends Info Sessions to Students Year 8 at Rawlett School, Participants of the National Citizenship Service and Councillors at Fazeley Town Council and as an organisation since July we have created over 300 Dementia Friends in Tamworth.

Click the DAA Logo to view the Dementia Action Alliance Page for Tamworth –




Why is there a DAA? 

“To transform the lives of people with dementia and those that care for them through building commitment and actions to deliver the National Dementia Declaration.”

DAA Mission Statement

The National Dementia Declaration is based on 7 i-Statements: 

  1. I have personal choice and control or influence over decisions about me.
  2. I know that services are designed around me and my needs.
  3. I have support that helps me live my life.
  4. I have the knowledge and know-how to get what I need.
  5. I live in an enabling and supportive environment where I feel valued and understood.
  6. I have a sense of belonging and of being a valued part of family, community and civic life.
  7. I know there is research going on which delivers a better life for me now and hope for the future.


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