Coronavirus Notice (Covid-19) - Update

After every storm comes a Rainbow

At Community Together CIC our hearts go out to all those effected by Coronavirus and thoughts and prayers to those families and friends that became ill or even lost their lives.

We have worked hard to be the rainbow in people’s clouds during the pandemic supporting you as you played your part in helping control the virus spread, protecting the NHS and saving lives.

As an organisation that provided 13 different weekly health and wellbeing activities across Tamworth each week as well as our Community Café in Tamworth Castle Grounds which closed overnight due to the virus we like so many other organisations have lost income and impacted on our volunteers many of whom had to shield at the start of the pandemic. But that didn’t stop us putting all our energies and resources into coordinating Tamworth’s local response supporting a Tamworth partnership called the Tamworth Self Isolation Support Group.

Friday 26th June 2020 marks our 100th Day of delivery in supporting Tamworth through this pandemic.

Following the government announcement with further easing of the lockdown measures we are pleased to announce that whilst this is a dark moment in our history we are adapting to the new normal and can start to recover and reopen more support to the community as well as creating some new elements to our local offer.

From 1st July 2020 – ‘The Tamworth Telephone Support Line’

We are pleased to announce that as a positive outcome from the pandemic our Covid-19 Telephone Support Line will continue and be relaunched as ‘The Tamworth Telephone Support Line’. The current Telephone Line will move from an emergency response line for Covid-19 to a new Tamworth Telephone Support Line service, still offering information regarding access to food, signposting, befriending, unemployment support, meal delivery service, access to virtual online sessions and social activities as they re open.

The telephone support line new hours from 1st July will be Tuesday 10am to 5pm Wednesday 10am to 3pm, Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday Mornings 10am to 1pm.

This service is run by Tamworth Resident Volunteers for Tamworth Residents. If you would like to volunteer and support this service then please contact Lee either via email or call 07496 355 946

New Hub to Home Meals Delivery Service –

We will be offering a new Hub to Home Meals Delivery Service operating twice a week. Delivered to people’s homes on a Monday or Wednesday between 12pm to 3pm. A different choice of freshly cooked main and puddings at low cost will be on offer and you can book your meal by phoning the Tamworth Telephone Support Line 01827 59646.

From 4th July 2020 –
The Hub – Tamworth Castle Grounds

Our hub in the heart of Tamworth Castle Grounds will re-open 7 days a week 10am to 4pm. We will be covid-19 secure carrying out extensive cleaning as well as offering table service and social distancing measures in place.

Our low-cost menu will be on offer where you can meet, enjoy good company and good food again as well as activities such as take away games or pottery painting.

Virtual Sessions –

Via Technology we will be investing in Smart Pads that are simple to use, internet ready and we can take out to people’s homes to take part in virtual activities together.

We will be offering virtual sessions for the following activities –

Sing for Fun
Arts and Crafts
Digital IT Support with our qualified IT Tutor
Cuppa and a Chat

If would be interested in taking part in our virtual sessions then please call the Tamworth Telephone Support Line 01827 59646 or email

Appeal – We Need Your help..

Whilst we recognise the devastating impact this has had on many; we need your help as we recover in supporting the community.

Please check out our pledge page on this website and make a pledge of support today there are lots of ways you can get involved to really help us to continue the vital support we provide.

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Welcome to the website of Community Together CIC, where you will be able to find the latest information on our projects which include:

  • The Hub situated in the Castle Grounds, Tamworth
  • Community Café Drop in Sessions
  • ‘Let’s Look Together’ Job Clubs
  • Walking and Cycling Groups
  • Activities for Youth

  • Our aim is to provide a gateway for all to services and information that enables access to support and guidance at the time it is needed. Community Together CIC is a not for profit Community Interest Company, with a passion for providing community-based services shaped by the communities we serve. We do this to enable and empower communities to:

  • Grow well
  • Live well
  • Age well

  • grow well

    From the moment we are born through to our early teens having a network of activities that can help with development and provide mutual support for parents/guardians is important. Here at Community Together CIC we offer a range of activities that include Community Café Drop-In-Sessions, Healthy Eating Initiatives, Parents and Tots Groups, and Youth Club Provision. All aimed to support and help people to Grow Well through these important years.

    Click here for more details on all these activities

    live well

    Living Well means maintaining good mental health as well as physical health as an adult. Knowing what support is available at the time you need it is key. Community Together CIC wants to ensure everyone lives well through their adult life by offering opportunities to meet other people and take part in activities such as Job Clubs, Work Experience, Workshops, IT Support, Walking and Cycling Groups, Community Café Drop-In Sessions, Cook, Eat and Share sessions and Volunteering opportunities.

    Click here for more details on all these activities

    age well

    As we get older, age should not be a barrier to accessing activities that help maintain independence and prevent people from becoming lonely. Community Together CIC helps people to be independent and connected with their local communities, through offering a range of activities such as Befriending, Seated Exercise Classes, Volunteering opportunities, Arts and Crafts, Community Café Drop-in Sessions, Dementia Support and Singing for the Mind.

    Click here for more details on all these activities

    Annual Review Report

    Download our 2018/19 Annual Review Report


    Sapheen – supported by her P.A Sharon – Service User

    "Sapheen first attended a Community Together CIC Café almost 3 years ago. She was made really welcome and is now a regular and has gone on to attend other Community Together CIC initiatives including Befriending Group, Arts and Craft Club, and the Singing Group as well as going on the annual seaside trip. Attending these services has given Sapheen the opportunity and confidence to interact with others, making many new friends along the way. When asked why she liked to go to the Community Café or Hub, Sapheen said “They are nice and I have fun”. Asked how she would feel if they were not here, she said “very sad, I would miss everybody”. Community Together CIC has been such a positive experience for Sapheen and we recommend both the Community Cafes and Hub to others all the time. We are certainly glad that we gave that first Community Café a go because it has enriched Sapheen’s social life so much."

    Sharon - Why do I Volunteer?

    "I like to give something back to the community and volunteering has provided me that opportunity. I feel privileged knowing I am making a difference just by giving a little of my time to talk, listen and even just give a smile. I never imagined that when I walked into the Hub a year ago I would meet such inspiring kind people. I look forward to Wednesdays and the befriending group as it's like meeting up with good friends. I have volunteered in a local charity shop before but would recommend volunteering with Community Together CIC."

    Claire Underwood, Transformation Programme Manager

    Intergrated Care University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust.

    “ I feel extremely proud and privileged to work with such a professional, approachable, caring, kind, flexible and compassionate organisation that is Community Together CIC.  Without such organisations and relationships I would not be able to successfully do my job.  The truly valuable difference they make to people’s lives who they touch is priceless.  This can include to name a few professional workers, voluntary workers and service users.  I have had the pleasure of working very closely with them for the last 5 years in a number of roles locally in the NHS.  Particularly my current role for Burton Hospitals and my previous role as Area Manager for Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent NHS Partnership Trust.  I am delighted to continue to work with them on a number of projects and to create new ways of working to support the local populations needs in a creative and innovative manner.  Community Together CIC are essential to ensure the sustainability of NHS services due to a number of reasons including the increasing demand for services, the ageing population, people living longer and the increasing challenge of the loneliness and social isolation of vulnerable people.    The team are a delight to work with and Lee and Steven lead the team with a beautiful manner and approach.  I look forward to working with them for many more years and supporting local people to live healthier, better and more positive lives.  Thank you Lee and Steven, it’s a true pleasure.”
    Click here for information on Sir Robert Peel Community Hospital.

    THT Commercial Sponsor

    Katie Crisp and Matthew Whitehouse - Tamworth Heat Treatment

    "THT are proud to once again support Community Together CIC, Tamworth as they make such a difference to peoples lives in the local community with their varied activities and events that benefit such a wide group of people. We hope that 2018 is another great year for them and they continue to help and support the community with the great work they do!"
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